The PowerPoint presentation made a very powerful impact on our students. I think our kids at Bowerman really took a lot away from the presentation that will continue to be memorable for them later on. Thank you for this support for our kids! :)
Very powerful information/message delivered in a relevant manner.  The students also enjoyed the t-shirt and additional items.  I also noticed the t-shirts were a much higher quality--nice!
Our students enjoyed the presentation. I appreciate the before/after meth images- puts things in perspective. In addition- the safety precautions regarding meth materials is appreciated.
I thought the presenters were very professional and connected with the kids.  They always do a nice job and are obviously passionate about what they present.
Janine Forrester
It was great at Sequiota! Our students talked about drugs in the cafeteria for weeks, but it was a good thing! I agree-huge impact.
Crystal Magers
Thank you for supporting this program for our 5th graders. The powerpoint and the presenter (Carol Embree ) did a great job in connecting with our students....and as always...they loved the shirt!  Thank you so much for giving choice in the color of t-shirt!
The students seemed to gain a lot of knowledge during the presentation.  They continue to reference the balloon activity and pictures that showed various meth users.  Thank you for visiting our school each year.  I believe it has a large impact on our students!
I thought it was great! The presenters did a nice job. Liked being able to pick T-shirt colors as well. Great job!
The presentation was very good and seemed to resonate with our students (especially the powerful, graphic images), as it was evident by their comments throughout the presentation that many made personal connections.
Stephanie Reid
It is very informative and the images leave a lasting impact.  The kids connect to the presentation style and are able to ask appropriate questions afterwards.  The illustration/activity with the balloons is also great.
The pictures of meth users gave our kids a great visual of how quickly it can damage you.  We wore the shirts you gave us the next day on our field trip.  Thank you for making our students aware of what is "cooking" right in their own backyard.
Katie Johnson
Students Left excited

T-Shirts were a hit! Also, the presenters brought ENERGY!
Joshua Holt
The pictures certainly have an impact. A few of our children with meth-addicted relatives were in tears. The presenter handled our excited students really well, and also seemed to realize that the presentation needs some updating because she tried to add in what she knew about opiod addiction.
The students were very engaged throughout. I like that you do the balloon activity with them so they can see they can't balance everything.

They LOVE the shirts! I see kids wearing them all the time.
Stormie Schildknecht
Good program, but....

Meth is not a gateway drug. Alcohol, tobacco and and marijuana are. We seem to be skipping over those and going right to the shock value, which is a bit graphic for this age.
J Anderson
Our presenters were fantastic!  You could tell they liked kids and connected well.
Stephanie Young
The PowerPoint presentation made a very powerful impact on our students. I think our kids at Bowerman really took a lot away from the presentation that will continue to be memorable for them later on. Thank you for this support for our kids! :)
Everything went great.  His story was powerful and he was very engaging.  It went as good as it could have.  We are extremely happy with how it turned out and hopefully it will change some students trajectory.  Thank you!
Isaac Sooter
Reeds Spring High School
All went well with the assembly.  David is an excellent speaker and really does a nice job of getting the message to kids in a way that most cannot. I think the reason kids listen so intently to him is b/c he is not telling someone else's story, he is sharing his life experiences.

We had a few students stay after the assembly and speak to David.  He was kind, patient, and willing to speak to any kids that wanted to talk to him.

Thank you again Brent, I appreciate your work in bring Mr. Parnell to our school.  
Mark McGehee
Nixa High School
I am a counselor at Salem High School in Salem, Missouri.  We had the opportunity to have David Parnell come speak at our school on Monday, September 18th.  Mr. Parnell's presentation was extremely effective for our students.  The content and the pacing of his presentation was captivating for our students.  Mr. Parnell has dealt with issues that hits close to home for many of our students, so I feel his presentation helped a number of them know that they are not alone in their struggles.  Mr. Parnell spoke to grades 9-12 in our district, and I would love to have him come back every four years so all of our students can experience his story and gain information from his knowledge.  The only thing I would do differently the next time he visits is to allot him more time.  I felt that I had to rush him at the end.

Overall, the presentation was fantastic.  I hope to have him in our district again!
Jillian Doddema
9th/10th grade School Counselor
Assistant Track Coach
National Honor Society Sponsor
Great job bringing David Parnell to Salem High and the community yesterday. He has a strong message and I believe it was beneficial to many who needed to hear it.
I thought we had a good crowd last night. It was good to see so many people approach David after his presentation!
Thank you, George! Job well done!
James A. "Jamie" Myers, M.Ed., LPC, MAPS
Executive Director, Prevention Consultants of Missouri
A Division of Behavioral Health supported Prevention Resource Center
My name is Bill Stack, one of the pastor-representatives of Dent County Churches that attended the David Parnell presentation last week here in Salem .  While we were thanking George Gruendel for helping to make this presentation possible, he indicated that you and your fellow Rotarians should be on that list of people to thank.

It was a very moving presentation, that we have already received significant (good) feedback from.  Members of various congregations were present, as well as others involved in rehab and treatment.  Many lingered after the event, to gain additional insights from Mr Parnell and his team. 

The earlier presentation in our local school was also impactful, and we believe has helped us kickstart some prevention efforts here in Dent County, as part of the Drug Abuse Prevention Coalition Task Force.

Thank you again for your contribution towards this effort!  We here in Salem certainly appreciate it.
God bless,
Bill Stack, Pastor
Salem Full Gospel Church
I have watched this presentation for seven years. It has not changed much, but it is always powerful. I believe the students remember things from the presentation due to the "shock" value that comes with viewing the pictures. The balloon activity is a great visual and physical activity to help students see how meth can take over their lives. Thank you for sharing such important information with these kids! They need to know the dangers of bad choices!
“Don’t Meth with Me” is a very powerful, but necessary message to present to our students. It is well done, generously donated, and most importantly, impactful! The students also enjoy the “perks,” which serve as a great reminder to the message of the program.
I think it's great just the way it is. The photos are disturbing, but the kids need to see what meth can do - especially in this area of the country where meth is so pervasive.
I think the program is needed with meth being such a huge problem in our area, unfortunately. If the pictures are graphic and students are bothered by them...then they have probably done their job. It does leave a lasting impression and hopefully one that will scare them all away from ever trying this. I appreciate the program. Having this presentation before going onto middle school is beneficial.